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The Storm Wrestling Center was founded in 2011 in Dublin, GA.  The program is dedicated to help wrestlers succeed at the top levels of competition.  It is the goal of the program to produce champion caliber wrestlers and leaders within the wrestling community.


Elementary Program
The Elementary program is for wrestlers in grades Kindergarten through the 5th grade. In this program, young wrestlers will learn the rules of the sport and techniques that will help wrestlers be part of the Storm power house team that won the 2016 Georgia State Elementary Dual Championship.
While participating with this program, young wrestlers will be challenged and pushed to perform at a high level to build character and strengthen their inner core.  This program is tougher than other Elementary programs in the state, but this group of wrestlers have proven themselves at the State, Regional and National levels.
Practices for the Elementary program are held at the Dublin and Perry locations during the week.  During the regular season, members of the Elementary program may also be invited to travel to special wrestling events as part of the Storm Dual team.


Middle School Program
The Storm Middle School program has consistently proven to produce some of the top wrestlers within the state of Georgia.  Wrestlers from the Middle School program have successfully competed in National Tournaments all over the country.  From Tulsa, OK to Reno, NV, Middle School wrestlers from the Storm Wrestling Center have placed and won at the top youth wrestling events across the country.  Wrestlers have also competed with other dual teams at National Dual events like VACW Holiday Dual, Wild Wood Duals, NHSCA Duals and many other events where they achieved All-American status or were top performers on their teams.  
The Middle School program is an extension of the Elementary program where wrestlers are challenged on the mat. Wrestlers are expected to give 100 percent while on the mat since the coaches are giving 100 percent of their attention and instruction.  The program is also a tough program because the main goal for this group is to prepare these wrestlers for High School.  This program focuses on drilling, intensity, technique and conditioning.    
This program isn’t for all wrestlers. Wrestlers in the Middle School program are committed to wrestling at the High School and College Level. That commitment also extends to regularly attending practices, possibly traveling for tournaments and also wrestling in dual team events.  At times this group has a lot of pressure on them, but that pressure has made these wrestlers some of the strongest and most capable young men and women within the state of Georgia.


High School Program

The Storm High School program is a great option for High School wrestlers preparing for competition or the transition to the college level.  This program is for High School wrestlers who are looking for supplemental training to coincide with their High School programs.  Coach Carr has a successful track record of helping High School wrestlers transition into College level wrestling programs.

The Storm Center can assist your High School wrestler in a number of ways to help them dominate at the High School level. This program can provide wrestlers with personal technical instruction to fine tune their abilities.  Coach Carr can also lead group-training sessions with High School wrestlers to prepare them for upcoming competitions. During these sessions, wrestlers will be matched up with other High School wrestlers looking to gain a competitive edge through drilling and conditioning.  To take advantage of the High School programs, please contact Coach Carr to discuss how this program can best benefit your High School wrestler.

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